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  • BUDGET COUNSELING - We Help individuals review their current finances to eliminate debt and develop budgets to evaluate expenses based on income.
  • We will help you determine your educational and professional goals. We will create a sustainable professional development plan.
  • "HEALTH" - Provide resources to chose of need to improve their mental and health conditions.
  • COLLEGE EDUCATION - You know why to go to college, We´re here to tell you how. Remenber, it´s never too early - or too late - to start on the road to college.
  • The Advocacy Group (TAG) offers solutions and tools to help you achieve your financial goals. Credit is critical avenue to help you achieve a home, car, business and/or a better quality of life.
  • EVENTS - Participate in our events with the best advice of our professionals


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Today’s economy has proven that families must have sound financial budgets. The Advocacy Group (TAG) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is well equipped with the appropriate tools to help these families accomplish their financial goals. Through its network of professionals and financial tools, many families can accomplish their financial goals including homeownership, college education, business and much more.

We assist families in many areas of life. Please see our list of programs on how you too can benefit from our experience:

The first step you should take immediately is to give one of counselors a call. Please select the contact page to setup an appointment.








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